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RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a technology that uses radio signals for the identification and the tracking and tracing of objects, people or animals.

The information is saved on a RFID tag, also called RFID chip. There are various types of tags which differ in storage capacity, form and frequency used: LF, HF, UHF, MW.  Tags can even be printed under the form of RFID labels.   All these different data carriers are read by means of a RFID reader.



RFID technology can be implemented in any sector.  RFID solutions not only improve transparency, but simplify processes and procedures resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Today RFID is successfully applied in various business processes including access control, asset tracking, tracking and tracing and in RTLS – Real Time Location Systems.



Aucxis offers powerful and flexible RFID solutions. There are many RFID products on the market, but is not a “plug and play” technology. Being an independent integrator, we identify, in function of our clients’ needs, the most suitable RFID components for their automation projects. In addition to controlling, at the hardware level, the different frequencies, we also create in-house the appropriate informatics, RFID middleware and interfaces.

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Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Nederland
November 2-3, 2016





Aucxis wins "Lion of the Export" award!

June 2016 | On Wednesday evening June 29, the Flanders Investment & Trade agency, awarded its “Lion of the Export” prize in its 15th edition.  The prize is given to Flemish companies that make outstanding export sales.   Aucxis was awarded first place in the category “Companies up to 50 employees”.  Read more ...


Aucxis partner in iMinds HYCOWARE project

June 2016 | Hybrid connected warehouses.  Since the advent of the Internet Of Things, Aucxis aims at strengthening its RFID expertise in this field.  In the Hycoware project Aucxis focusses on technological research into wireless passive and active technologies and open communication standards that fit into the IoT. Read more ...


Aucxis launches new fixed RFID reader

June 2016 | The F-Scan 4 reader was developed by Aucxis as an easy to integrate, fixed RFID reader.  Using 4 antenna connections and a wide variety of interfaces, it is a low budget, flexible UHF Gen2 reading device.  Its read range is adjustable from 0 to 10 m.  Read more ...

Agoria-ehealth awardsHIPS project wins Agoria eHealth Award

June 2016 | After its two-year research, the consortium of Flemish companies (Amaron, Aucxis and H.Essers), the hospitals AZ Maria Middelares (Ghent) and AZ Nikolaas (Sint-Niklaas) and a number of academic partners presented a methodology that can help care institutions realize supply chain savings of up to 30%. This is achieved by recording use (and consumption) of medical supplies during an operation in a semi-automated way – through RFID tags and visual-recognition technology. Read the complete article with link to the video report.

Leeuw van de Export 2016Aucxis nominated for the "Lion of the Export" award 2016

May 2016 | On Wednesday June 29, Flanders Investment & Trade awards its “Lion of the Export” prize in its 15th edition.  The award is given to Flemish companies that made outstanding export sales in the previous year.  With a successful export story that has been going on for more than 30 years - implementing innovative automation solutions worldwide - Aucxis competes for this high-status award in the category “Small Companies”.